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Ubiquiti Dream Machine and WiFi Kit for Mayfair Home

Ubiquiti router and wifi devices ready to install in Mayfair London home
Just arrived today, new Ubiquiti Dream Machine and WiFi kit for a client, ready for the network to be set up with preferred WiFi passwords

Ubiquiti Dream Machine and WiFi Kit for Mayfair Home

Improving slow WiFi at London home

Having struggled for years with a very slow ADSL speed from BT, our client in Mayfair wanted a much faster connection to work from home, for smooth, professional video conferencing and streaming Netflix of course.  We suggested new Ubiquiti Dream Machine and WiFi kit, which arrived today ready to install in their London home.

Faster router

As a temporary measure we set up a 4G router, to boost the speed to about 30Mbs although this varied from day to day, but it has definitely helped while we organised a site survey by G.Network and installation date.

Installation of cable

We negotiated with the landlord and cable provider G.Network to allow the cable to enter the apartment block at street level, then up through the risers to the 6th floor penthouse suite, to make sure all safety protocols and Covid19 precautions were observed.  The cable will then be hidden in the roof space only to reappear in a small cupboard. This is where the broadband kit will be hidden away, this was essential as the apartment has a very modern contemporary design, and visible cabling was not an option. The new speed will be 900Mbs up and 900Mbs down, a complete transformation.

New Ubiquiti equipment

Now the new kit has arrived for the WiFi distribution within the large apartment (a lateral conversion of two flats). The Ubiquiti Dream Machine router is an elegant device that combines a WiFi access point, router and cloud key controller all in one contemporary looking cylinder, which is surprisingly heavy.

WiFi will be meshed to the other side and up one floor by two FlexHD devices, these are slimline ‘smarty tubes’ that have a modern, elegant look as can be seen from the photograph above, but underneath that cool white fascia it has super fast WiFi antennas. Once powered up the FlexHd’s are assimilated into the Dream Machine network, all passwords, firewalls and security data synchronised. The Dream Machine has absurdly robust security and intrusion prevention built in, and can handle 900Mbs with ease.

Ubiquiti looks good in any home

We have used many suppliers in the past from Apple, Devolo, and Draytek but Ubiquiti has to be the most configurable and robust system, and looks good in any home.