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Sky Broadband Set Up in Chiswick, London

Sky Box - broadband home set up in Chiswick

Skybroad Set Up in Chiswick

IT setups are rarely if ever straightforward and complications can arise from seemingly simple broadband connections, this SKY broadband set up in Chiswick, London is a great example.

Quote After Completing the New WiFi Set Up –

“We have had a good run since your visit.  All working very well and download speeds etc seems much improved up in the loft. Stable TV connection on all SKY boxes.  Very happy.” Cliff

A SKY broadband set up and TV subscription is popular in the UK, with their attendant mini SKY Q boxes to feed TV’s around the house. To do this they broadcast their own proprietary WiFi signal, which can be boosted as necessary to get it round a larger town house or one with thicker walls for example. So far, so good.

Improving Router Security

The trouble begins when a client would prefer to have a better more secure router than the one supplied by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or another faster home broadband supplier. The WiFi signal broadcast from the SKY units is the major cause of complaint as it can drop out, have poor reach or intermittent throughput.  So just swap it out for another? Yes, but the connection requires a MER/Option 61 connection protocol, not all third-party routers can do this, and Ubiquiti offer it currently on Beta firmware. 

Switching off SKY WiFi with New Router

The SKY forums are awash with people struggling to get a better router to connect. Once a stable connection is achieved though, it is still necessary to switch off the SKY WiFi.  Otherwise the SKY devices will be happily broadcasting at the same time as the new router and it’s not easy or obvious to disable and can interfere with other WiFi in the house.

There is a hidden engineer’s menu which needs to be accessed and then both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels disabled. The SKY Q equipment then can be configured and connected by powerline device such as Devolo or TP-Link, which usually offer a better connection for the TVs anyway. They push the internet around the home 240V mains cable so no WiFi broadcast is required or needed.

So in summary, many clients are turning towards the Ubiquiti system for its rock solid WiFi, consistent throughput and industrial security, however if you have Sky TV and/or SKY broadband be prepared for a slightly longer visit to get everything working. It is definitely worth it in the long term.