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Launch of Piranha IT Support Service

Piranha IT Support - Home working WFH and home schooling - improved WiFi coverage

Launch of Piranha IT Support Service

The current lockdown have prompted the launch of Piranha IT Support service.

IT support is a service we’ve been providing to clients for well over a decade. We support small businesses and private households only.  We focus on providing a personal, high quality service that leads to long-lasting relationships.

IT Support for Small Businesses and Private Households

Over the years private clients have asked us to help with their home or small business IT needs, most specifically setting up cabled and wireless networks, and for advice on PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets. From there, our IT support business began to take off and it’s been expanding slowly and organically ever since, but without a fanfare.

But coronavirus has upped the ante and has led to us to formally launch a new IT support service which you can access via our new website Piranha IT Support which explains our services and provides case studies that show how we have resolved some common problems that might be affecting your home office WiFi.

Help with Home WiFi Networks

The main catalyst for this official launch was the first lockdown. As more people began working from home, our IT clients started asking for greater capacity from their home WiFi networks.  They needed them to function every bit as well as the networks they were used to in their offices, especially now they had family members making simultaneous demands on their home WiFi for school work, films or gaming.

Due to this much heavier than usual demand, our home IT support clients were suddenly experiencing Zoom freezes and dropped phone calls, and they were waiting longer than normal to send documents to colleagues or to download large files.

In response, Piranha has been helping by installing more sophisticated WiFi units around clients’ homes, making sure their WiFi reaches to all parts of their properties, including the new offices they have set up in their bedrooms, attics, garages or remote barns.

Upgrading  Routers with Newer, Faster, More Secure Ones

To boost broadband capacity, we’ve also been upgrading their routers, replacing old ones with newer, faster, more secure ones that are considerably more robust and professional than the ones commonly supplied by the mass broadband providers.

We make sure client routers are properly configured and password protected, so that no-one can gain unauthorized access to private and highly confidential information, and to ensure they are not inadvertently creating weak points that might allow hackers to infiltrate their work VPNs.

If your home Wi-Fi is struggling to cope during this lockdown, or if you just want to make sure it’s working efficiently and is properly protected and secure, we’d love to be able to help. Please do get in touch.