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Improve Home WiFi Coverage throughout Chelsea Apartment

Ubiquiti router and Mesh WiFi units

Ubiquiti router and Mesh WiFi units

Improve Home WiFi Coverage throughout Chelsea Apartment

Lockdown Working from Home – Improved Internet Coverage in Chelsea Flat

A senior director in a well-known bank, our client needed to work from home during lockdown. The problem was that the internet connection in her one-bedroom flat came in through the basement making it difficult for the WiFi signal to reach upstairs to the new ‘kitchen/office’. She also found that her reliable but older MacBook Air was no longer fit for purpose.

First, we discovered that the broadband supplier details hadn’t been reviewed for years, so with authorisation we upgraded her to a new contract which provided a better, faster service for less monthly outgoings. Secondly, we reconfigured the cable router to work in ‘modem’ mode allowing us to add a more sophisticated router downstream.

Ubiquiti equipment for Mesh System

Once again, we turned to a Ubiquiti solution but this time we used its AmplifiHD Mesh system enabling us to leave the main compact router downstairs and plugged into the modem but connected wirelessly to remote WiFi units via a secure link that rebroadcasts the WiFi. The units work by plugging into standard mains power sockets without the need for any other wiring. We found that one main router and two remote WiFi units were all that was needed to provide WiFi throughout the flat.

New Computer for Home Working

We ordered our client a new 27” iMac and transferred all her files over from the older MacBook Air, including emails and Word/Excel documents, and we updated all her regular Apps to the latest versions and the iMac itself to the latest operating system. Due to lockdown restrictions we did this remotely from our office, then arranged for a courier to deliver the new iMac straight to the client.

Cost of project (less the iMac and setup time) approximately £800

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